Forty, Fitness - Failed.....

When fitness was fun

Growing up fitness was a huge part of my life.  Winter it was netball 3 nights a week with training, game day Saturday and then carnival day Sundays which I could play up to 8-10 games.

Summer it was water skiing with our family friends all weekend which I loved and we did this up until I left school at 18. 


The netball continued on for a little while longer however when I became a personal trainer to help Frankie my husband at the gym the netball had to stop as I could not afford to get injured.

So marrying a personal trainer/fitness guru/sports physiologist was not a problem for me as I did love fitness early on in our relationship.   I do understand that fitness is important for your health, mental state and then physical results are the bonus.

Unfortunately for me the day I gave birth to my first child Noah 12 years ago was the last day I actually trained properly in our gym.  My life became so busy with children and working full time with interiors that fitness was no longer a priority!!

My "AMA" secret.....

Sadly over the past 12 months with turning 40 and losing my Dad I have noticed two big changes in my body. 

The first being my Mental State – with the passing of Dad little things seem to affect me more.  I get overwhelmed and cry a lot .  I find it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time and I have very little patience and just don’t feel like myself.  This is not like me!!!!

The second the shape of my body has changed – my little boy Hugo said to me the other day “Mum no offence but your arms have become really floppy ” Frankie was standing beside him and started to laugh and said “that is because Mum has a box of Almond Magnums hanging off each arm and she does not exercise!!!”  They thought this was hysterical - I was not so amused.

 I will let you in on a little secret that Frankie is not impressed with and hates me telling people!  For 15 years every night after dinner (yes this is my vice) I have eaten an Almond Magnum after dinner watching TV - I love every mouthful.  Obviously being married to a personal trainer who lives, breathes and eats health this goes against everything he believes in, however I love it and will never change.

Wake up call!

After that afternoon with Hugo and Frankie making comments I did go up to the mirror in my dressing room and look at my 40 year old body.  I took some photos (this is the best way to get the real image) and looked at myself and thought Denai you were once a personal trainer enough of the excuses.  The orange peel legs with the Almond Magnum arms have to go!!!!!

Tricep dips to fight back

Tricep dips to fight back

it's more about inner health than physical appearance

I went down stairs and showed Frankie who is my biggest critic the photos.  We rolled around laughing at first but then in a very serious concerned voice  he said “ Denai I don’t even really care about your body anymore as I love you, however fitness is much more important than that.  Fitness is for your mental health and since your Dad has passed you have not been the same person and I think you need to do it more for that than anything else.”  He went on to say if I just started with walking it would help with my grieving, mental state, inner health and much more.  The body transformation is just an added bonus.

So the next day I was up pounding those pavements and let me tell you I did feel so much better.  To breathe the fresh air and to actually sweat again was great.

And.... of course I did throw a few of the old fashioned tricep dips in as I really need to work on my “Almond Magnum arms”!!!! 

Tricep dips have always been a favourite of mine because you can do them anywhere, at home, park bench, even do a few when you are cooking the dinner every little bit helps.

Denai xx