Christmas – Holidays

Can you believe it is Christmas time again only four more sleeps - how this year has flown.

I used to love this time of year since I was a little girl, since losing dad that has changed.  This will be our second Christmas without him but it only feels like yesterday that he left us. 

My heart is still so broken and as time goes on I miss him more and more.  The thought of sitting down to Christmas lunch at our beautiful dining table with my family and to see my dad’s chair empty  once again (he always sat at the head of the table) brings tears to my eyes as it really will never be the same again.

My mum is amazing and she really has become our rock.  Last year and I know this year will be the same - she will say “the day must go on for the kids” so that’s what we will do.  She makes such an effort and fuss over her grand children and us.  We have our family traditions, a beautiful tree and always a hot lunch even if the day is a steaming hot summer’s day at 45 degrees – my poor mum, thank goodness for air conditioning!!

 Mum spoils us the whole time we are at the farm and always makes it special, it has never been any different.  This is why I call it my retreat and go there as much as I can, plus it is my “home” and there is no place like home!

Christmas in the country is like one big reunion.  All the people who have moved to different parts of Australia/ the World come home at this time of year.  My little home town (Canowindra –country NSW) becomes very busy with the influx of people.  It is a great time for me to catch up with old friends that I grew up with either at the local Chinese,  Royal Hotel for a drink or the local pool for a swim with our kids.

There is always a day trip to Wyangala Dam with my uncle Steve and cousins for a day of water skiing which we all love.  Growing up water skiing was all I did every weekend in the summer, doing it once a year now is a bit hard on the old body.  I have to pack the Nurofen as on the way home I get aches in areas I didn’t know existed!!

There really isn’t a lot to do at the farm but that’s why I love it.  Each day begins with me going into town to get my morning coffee, having a chat to the locals, followed by a swim at the local pool with the kids.  There is always someone popping in for a visit and work to be done around the farm – it really is relaxing.

It would not be Christmas without the odd snake drama either.  Every year we have a snake pop in for a visit.  Last year Sienna walked inside very casually and said to Frankie “dad I just walked down the veranda to Grans and there is a snake at the front door”!!  We all jumped up beside ourselves especially Frankie.  Mum got all the dogs and cats inside and told Jason my brother-in-law to get the shovel – it was a big brown snake.  Anyway there was a lot of excitement and the snake was removed.  I am not a fan of snakes but every Christmas for as long as I can remember we seem to get a visit from one.

I will be taking a short break over the next few weeks with my family.  I am really excited about next year and can’t wait to share what I have planned for Velvetstyle.

 I would like to wish all my readers a wonderful Christmas and festive season, may 2017 be everything you wish for.

Take care, enjoy  and I look forward to chatting in the New Year!

Denai xx