Fashion Stylist

Coffee before we shop.....

Coffee before we shop.....


Have you ever thought of getting a fashion stylist?

No.....well it wasn't something I had ever thought of either, nor did I think I could afford it until I met Sheira. I have known her for a long time at least 20 years and before we met I would admire her from afar as she would always look amazing in whatever she wore even her gym gear.  She has the most amazing sense of style and she makes it look so easy.

Being an Interior Designer I do of course love clothes and shopping but the problem I have these days is time, I spend most of my life working or with my family.  When it comes to clothes by the time I get to the shops my brain is tired and I just go to what I call my "safe” shops as I know I can always find something quick to add to my wardrobe.

One year for my birthday Frankie gave me a few hours shopping with Sheira and it was the best shopping experience I have ever had.  Having someone dress me, style me, bring clothes to the dressing room and tell me what worked and what didn’t.  The whole experience was amazing and very addictive. 


This is why I love to get Sheira!!!

Firstly we have a quick coffee so I can brief her on what my wardrobe is lacking and then off we go.  Within a few hours Sheira has whipped me around the shops and my wardrobe is refreshed in no time.  I love it as I can just stand there and let her do the work and I don’t have to think.  Also I get to do the odd sneaky email and phone call to keep my work life going while I'm waiting for more clothes.

She also does home visits to de-clutter your wardrobe!!  This can be a little scaaaary at first.  Expect to see your favourite pair of shoes go flying out the door or that top you've had for 10 years get thrown out, she can be brutal. This however is very cleansing and you do feel good afterwards.

I no longer have clothes still hanging in my wardrobe with the tags on them never worn, nor do I buy that specific dress for a special occasion and spend a fortune.  Sheira has taught me about fashion, my style, body and how to step out of my comfort zone which has been hard.

After a few hours with Sheira you get a brand new wardrobe full of clothes, shoes, accessories and those special pieces.  The experience for me was life changing which is why I continue to do it on a regular basis as it not only makes me look and feel good but also saves me time and money.

Denai xx

Wardrobe cleansing time

Wardrobe cleansing time


Q:  Did you know that you can wear navy and black together?? Let me know about your most expensive fashion purchase that you have never worn.  

Sheira The Style Therapist