What a week


The kids are back at school and super busy with their activities and my work has started to get busy for the year ahead. Some days working full time and being a mum has its challenges. I am lucky because I love what I do but this week has been one of those weeks that everything has fallen apart. To be honest I spent most of the week crying.

get checked

To top it off I go for my routine skin specialist check up and a few days later I get the dreaded phone call. I have an aggressive Melanoma on my leg which has to be removed immediately.  Surgery is booked as they need to take a larger section (wedge) out of my leg to ensure all the Melanoma is removed. I was so shocked - it was only a little black freckle on my leg!!!!

My doctor is very positive and says once the procedure is done all will be fine.  The next stage will be skin checkups every 2-3 months for the next two years and full body skin scans. 

So to all my friends, family and lovely readers please ensure you have your regular checkups.  There is no history of Melanoma in my family and I am one of those people who always wears sun block and is very careful in the sun. 

Once I got over the shock I just sat in my car and cried.  I called my mum and of course her first reaction was to get on the next flight to Sydney, to be here with me when I had the surgery. I told her it was not necessary and that I would be fine. 

I Miss you

Before I knew it I had driven to the fabric houses (where I get all my fabrics for work) which is right near St Vincent's Hospital where dad passed away.  I actually just drove there without thinking.  I found myself sitting in the car looking up at the hospital wishing dad was still in there.  I just wanted a big hug from him and for him to say  "don't worry bub it will be fine"

When at St Vincents Hospital dad always had the room that looked over Paddington – towards the Eastern Suburbs.  He liked to see the football stadium as he loved football and we all lived in that direction so I think it made him feel closer to us. 

Looking up at the hospital made me think back to all those years of being in there and for a short second I pretended I was popping in for a visit to see him.  I know this sounds weird but I also know the layout of the rooms really well, so I just sat there for a little while staring up at one particular window we used to call "dads room" - he preferred one particular room.

The Bats

One of the things we loved about this room was every night we would watch the bats from Hyde Park fly over as the sun set towards Centennial Park.  Dad, myself and whoever was visiting would gaze out the window watching in amazement at how many would fly past and we would try to count them.   Of course dad always won as he was used to counting sheep in 3's, 6's etc, so of course was way better than anyone else in the family.

Anyway before I knew it I had a smile back on my face. I stopped feeling sorry for myself, pulled myself together put some gloss on the lips and continued on with my working day.

I must say, I was very happy when Friday afternoon arrived and this week was over!