I thought it was time for a bit of fitness.  This week it's butts and thighs!!!

Being a netballer one of our fitness drills was to do the "crab crawl".  I loved it because it worked my butt and thighs like nothing else. 

Over the years it has crept into the fitness industry.  Now trainers along with my husband use it when women like me need "extra" work on their butts and thighs.

To make it even harder, Frankie makes me put a thick elastic band around my ankles to increase the intensity and work the body. 

Below you will see me demonstrating this very un-lady like exercise.  I actually think a crab looks more elegant than I do.


Step One

Feet together whilst you put the elastic band around your feet.


Step Two

Step to the side in the squat position like a crab.


Step Three

Once you have stepped to the side like a crab raise your leg slightly off the ground about 5-10cm.


Step Four

Continue this movement along in the same direction for 10 steps - keep your hands on your hips.

Bumbuster 5.jpg

Step Five

Return in the direction you came from for 10 steps.

I do this after I finish one of my long power walks.  It only needs to be 5 minutes of your session.   Exercises like this are great because you can do them at home and it gives you excellent results.

** If you have any questions let me know.

Lorna Jane