Love Where You Live

Maroubra Beach

Maroubra Beach


Are you a creature of habit…?    I am!!!

I drive the same way each day to drop the kids to school, get my coffee from the same coffee shop, always shop at the same butcher, fruit and veg - I think most of us do.

Moving to Sydney to go to boarding school was a massive move for me and when I left school I moved straight to Clovelly in the Eastern Suburbs. 

I spent twenty years in either Clovelly or Randwick North and loved it.  It was my little village, everyone knew me and I knew them.

The time came for Frankie and I to buy a house and sadly those areas were just out of our price range.   Frankie said we are going to have to move further south!!  I was devastated and really fought him on this.  I didn’t want to leave my village and basically told him I would rather live in a unit and stay where we were then move south. 

When I say south it was only two suburbs away in Maroubra, which is not far at all but at the time it felt like a 1000 miles away!!

Frankie and my friends all started to call me a suburb “snob” and gave me a hard time because I even refused to go and look at properties or drive around the streets.  Finally Frankie found a little semi right on the water in a quiet cull de sac street and he was so excited.  He rang me and said “I have found the perfect place, you will love it”

A few days later we purchased our little dolls house in Maroubra and I had no choice, it was time to move. 

Over the next 18 months we renovated as it was not liveable and I turned our little dolls house into a semi by the sea with a Hamptons touch.

Once we had moved in I was still really homesick for my old homes in Clovelly and Randwick and my old life.  I would drive back to my little corner store man (Charlie) in Clovelly to get my bread and milk, this went on for 6 months.

Finally....... Frankie said this is ridiculous you need to fall in love with where we live now.  Stop being a brat and look at how beautiful are home is and start exploring your new environment.

So that’s exactly what I did.

Exploring our neighbourhood

Exploring our neighbourhood

Mahon Pool

Mahon Pool


After 6 months of tears I started to walk the streets, visit the corner shops and chat to the locals.  I realised Maroubra was just as beautiful as Clovelly and Randwick, I had not been taking notice. 

I was being a brat or a suburb “snob” and my new home of Maroubra was actually AMAZING!!!

I have now fallen so in love with our home and suburb, it has been nearly five and half years and I never want to leave.  

I went for a walk this morning with a friend and said to her “don’t you just love where we live how spoilt are we to have this at our door step”!!

I don’t take it for granted anymore.   I look at the ocean everyday and appreciate it.  I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful area and thank Frankie for making me look outside my comfort zone and move “SOUTH”.

Change is not that bad after all.

Denai xx

The end of our street where we sometimes do homework

The end of our street where we sometimes do homework