Worlds Greatest Shave

My Beautiful Dad 

My Beautiful Dad 


For the month of March “The World’s Greatest Shave” fundraiser is on to raise money for blood cancer treatment and research. 

I was sitting on my computer a few weeks ago working away and an email popped into my inbox – it was from Jen.  Jen is the mother of one of Siennas little friends at school. 

I was so touched to read she was going to shave her head for charity and take part in “The World’s Greatest Shave” this year.

As soon as I read her email my heart dropped and I started to cry.  I straight away contacted Jen to tell her how grateful I was and thanked her on behalf of my family for participating in such a great cause. 

After chatting to Jen I realised she too had been touched by this terrible disease with a family member having to battle blood cancer.  Jen decided 2017 was the year for her to help raise money and do her little bit for a great charity.

If it wasn’t for research and treatment dad would have died a lot sooner.  When dad’s leukaemia came back the third time, he told the doctors they had better come up with a solution because he wasn’t going anywhere!!  As a result they put him on a trial drug (like chemotherapy) which they had been researching for sometime - that was our only "hope" to keep him alive.  We were so blessed because with their determination and his fight to survive he lived for another four years on this drug.   

So.... as you can see research is so important.   It enables scientists and doctors to come up with new and improved treatments to help fight this terrible disease – my dad was proof of that!  We were so lucky to have another four treasured years with him which I will be forever grateful.

The first time dad was diagnosed with Leukaemia I will never forget the day I walked into the hospital and saw his hair falling out on his pillow, shoulders, in his eyes it was everywhere.  It basically happened overnight and looked like snow falling.  One day he looked normal and his hair was fine, the next day I was shaving it off in the bathroom as he could not stand it falling all over him. 

My 33rd Birthday, when Dads Leukaemia came back for the second time....

My 33rd Birthday, when Dads Leukaemia came back for the second time....


He became our little “nude nut” which was what he named himself.  I think when dad saw himself in the mirror for the first time it was very real and confronting -  he officially was a cancer patient. To make him feel a little better all the boys in our family shaved their heads down to nothing so that he didn’t feel alone.  We had a house of “nude nuts” overnight.  The day they turned up at the hospital to show him was hilarious and my dad loved it.  He could not stop laughing but at the same time was touched that the boys had done this for him. 

I wanted to share Jen’s charity link with all my readers.  If you would like to donate you can do so as per below - every little bit helps.

From Jen........

I'm taking part in the World's Greatest Shave.

Please sponsor me to give Aussie families facing blood cancer the emotional and practical support they need. You will also help fund vital research so more people survive blood cancers like lymphoma, leukaemia and myeloma.


You may not know it but blood cancer is the third most common cause of cancer death in Australia, claiming more lives than breast cancer or melanoma. And every day another 35 people will be diagnosed.

Click here to visit my online Shave Page and sponsor me today.

Thank you, Jennifer

Jen Before

Jen Before

Jen After

Jen After


Again, thank you Jen from the bottom of my heart.  If it wasn’t for people like you to help raise funds for treatment and research for blood cancer we would have lost my dad a lot sooner. 

Denai x

Leukaemia Foundation