Do you have perfect Eyebrows???

Making my next appointment

Making my next appointment


Grooming is important to me and at work I need to be well presented.  Getting my hair done, nails and regular facials is a big part of my everyday life.

My mum taught my sisters and I from a very young age to care about the way we look, I had my first facial and eyebrow wax at thirteen.   You know those days when you just want to feel a la natural and free.  My mum never has those days and believes you should never leave the house without a little effort – she always says “girls a little blush and gloss would not hurt!”

I often get asked where do I get my nails, eyebrows and face done.  So over the next few months I will be sharing some of my beauty secrets.  I have learnt it is not easy to find the perfect beauty specialist.  It takes time and research but when I do find them I stay with them.  

And......yes I am very fussy when it comes to my beauty regime, which I am sure you are sensing from this blog.  Plus I am a bit of a girly girl and love all things when it comes to beauty.

Turning TADPOLES to SLUGS – a life changing moment...........

Fifteen years ago my usual eyebrow artist went on holidays so I had a “fill in” to do my brows and what a disaster!!!!  I went in with the perfect thick bushy brows I was born with and came out with skinny tadpoles.

My beautiful brows had been taken away from me.  Eighteen months ago I decided the tadpoles had to go.  This is when I found Kristin Fisher Eyebrows.

A close friend of mine who has the most beautiful eyebrows told me about KFE.  I got on social media and started doing a little research.  I watched their work over the next few months before I took the plunge and made an appointment, I was still scarred from the tadpole incident. 

Since that first appointment I have not looked back. 

Talking Brows

Talking Brows

Shaping Time

Shaping Time


All the eyebrow artists at Kristin Fisher Eyebrows are professional and know exactly what they are doing which is great. 

At my first appointment I showed them how I wanted my brows to look.   They knew exactly what to do and made me feel comfortable and safe.  I was told “your brows are so important they frame your face, so let’s get these brows fixed and looking good again” and that’s exactly what they did.

I have gone from hating my brows to loving them again. Thank you “Roxy” who is my brow artist at Kristin Fisher Eyebrows.   I will be forever grateful for my beautiful brows and I am so happy I found you!

Denai xx