Do you love your face......


I was once told by a very wise man “you can always put clothes on to hide the bad spots but you can’t wear a paper bag over your head” – so always look after your skin!!!

I met Melanie from Select Skin nearly 22 years ago when I was having a terrible time with my skin. Within weeks she had it sorted and from that day on I have been seeing her every four weeks for regular maintenance.

The treatment I like to have on a regular basis to boost the skin is LED (Light-Emitting Diode). The LED light targets the skin and regenerates the cells. 


To explain how this works in an easier way.......

If you left a tarpaulin on a patch of grass for a week the grass would die.  Take the tarpaulin off the grass and allow exposure to sunlight, immediately the grass starts to regenerate and healthy green grass grows back. This is exactly what happens with your skin when you put LED light on it - you are making healthy skin rejuvenate.


If you want to get technical there are different coloured lights which work on your skin for different reasons.

Blue light – clears the skin and treats redness reduction.
Red light - increases blood flow and encourages renewal in your skin.
Green light - targets skin tone correction and detoxifies.
Yellow light - boosts collagen to its production capacity, resulting in rejuvenated skin.

This is one of my favourite treatments. Afterwards my skin is noticeably plumper, more youthful and I love the glow. Thank you Mel for showing me the light!

Denai xx