Glutes & Thighs

With just having Easter and all the chocolate, food, wine and relaxing I thought it might be a good time to do another fitness blog.

I know I did butts and thighs last time but this exercise is another good one that strengthens and tones the butt and thighs in a different way.  You are isolating one side to get overall burn in the right area using different muscles. 

These are not easy exercises and they'll keep your heart rate up.

When doing this exercise make sure you keep the tummy tight at all times.

1.     Raise one leg in the air, straighten leg slightly and point toe back towards you.  Other leg needs to be on the ground bent at 90 degrees.   

2.     Once the leg is in the air lift your bottom off the ground and at the same time squeeze your butt tight.  With leg and butt up in the air, lower butt back down with the knee slightly bent, stop just before you reach the ground and repeat exercise.  Use the foot that is flat on the ground (opposite leg) keep you balanced.

3.     Ensure hips are square on the mat or towel at all times.  For example ensure your hips are straight don't twist them.

4.  To make exercise a little more difficult - raise your bottom off the ground as high as you can and squeeze it.  With the leg that has been straight up in the air swing slowly down in front of you until it meets the opposite thigh (keep it straight), PAUSE and then return to the starting position of the straight leg in the air.  Repeat exercise.

5.  Repeat exercise on each leg 2 x 20 reps (you can increase this as you get fitter).

Remember do not rest in between reps you need to keep moving,  you can rest at the end of the set.

Let me know how you go.  If you squeeze a few of these in every week you will notice a huge difference!

If you have any questions on a particular body part that bothers you let me know I would be happy to help.

Denai xx