Styling your Entrance/Hall Table


I thought it was time for an Interior Design tip as some of my readers have been asking for one. 

This week it is on how to style your entrance/hall table..........

One of the most important spaces in a home is the entrance.  It is the place where guests form their first impression, we want it to be warm and inviting when we come through the front door.

Fresh flowers are a great way to create life and happiness in the entrance of a home.  I love to use coffee table books, candles and simple accessories that mean something to you and your family. 

Artwork or a mirror is also a must.  This creates elegance but also makes the area feel bigger.   In larger entrances you can also add a beautiful rug.


Step 1

To fill in the open space under table add wicker baskets and place an item like these Moroccan drums either side of the table.  Immediately you see a difference.


Step 2

Place Ginger jars or hurricane lamps at either end of table to anchor and create balance.


Step 3

Place coffee table books on table at either side of the ginger jars – piled on top of each other.


Step 4

Place accessories from home on top of coffee table books to add a little interest and decoration.  For example I have placed a basket with little bottles on top of one set of books.  On the other there is an antique brass canister which I love and have had for years.


Step 5

More accessories – added are silver candle stick holders with glass tops and French tea light holders in front of the ginger jars.


Step 6

Final layer – adding beautiful fresh flowers.  This blue & white oriental bowl is one of my favourite items in my home.  Every few months I take it to the florist and have them fill it with beautiful orchids.  This is a signature at my front door! 

Your entrance/hall table is complete........

I hope this gives you a few tips when it comes to styling your home and if you have any questions I would love to hear from you.

Denai xx