The.Grace.Files - Journals by Janelle Ruthven


Meet Janelle Ruthven......

I found The Grace Files on Instagram (@the.grace.files) and immediately fell in love with what they had to offer and the story behind them.  They are beautiful bespoke journals where you can write and keep records, special memories about your children, their health records and there is even one for cancer care and caring for others.

I reached out to the founder Janelle Ruthven so I could find out more about her special journals.  I wanted to know the purpose behind her starting such a beautiful product.

When I first met Janelle, it was like I had known her my whole life – I could have sat and chatted to her all day.  She was exactly the way I had imagined – a beautiful, kind, loving, gentle lady who really cared about people and their lives. 

Janelle was a nurse and after becoming a mum and being at home for many years decided nursing was no longer for her.  She had studied Interior Design but felt she still needed to give to people in some way and finally came up with the idea of her amazing journals.

Janelle started thinking about her journals back in 2013.  It did take her a little while to find the right team of people to help bring her vision to life.  After time and research, she finally found the right book designer, Evi O.  The journals were to be genderless, the colours were to be soothing and calm hence the grey tones and they had to appeal to all ages.

Once her journals were designed it was time to recruit a likeminded team to help get them out into the world.  Luisa Brimble is the photographer who took all the beautiful images for the website and social media.  Studio Manusha were employed to create the website and on March 1st 2017 Janelle’s dream came true and her journals were launched to the world.

I would like to share a little bit about each journal with you..........


“Care + Notes”

This is a journal for someone who is unwell and going through a very difficult time in their life.  It allows you to keep track of all your treatments (e.g. chemo or radiation) and how you felt after, as well as doctor and hospital information, medications and much more.  You can also write about how you feel and what is happening throughout your treatment in a chapter called ‘Breathing Space’.

Personally, this is what caught my eye when I saw The Grace Files on Instagram.  I wish this had been around when my dad was unwell.  It would have been perfect for my siblings, mum and I to have been able to keep dad’s records.  We all had his information written on pieces of paper and in note books but nothing as gorgeous as the Care + Notes journal.  I would have loved to have kept a journal of what we went through as a family as that is all you have when a person leaves this earth.....the memories.

“Love Letters To My Child”

This journal has been created for parents to journal love letters to their child and write to them about their life from the time they are born until the time they leave home.  Those moments that you never want to forget, what you love about them, the funny moments and all those memories they can take with them when mum and dad are no longer around.  You can write words of wisdom and create a beautiful keepsake that your child will have forever and will always treasure.

“Life + Notes”

This is a journal that Janelle created which is a little like a baby’s ‘blue book.’  It is a place to keep your child’s important health details from a baby all the way up until they leave home as an adult.  It has places to record immunisations (including travel vaccinations), medications, serious illnesses, wellness visits like dentist, orthodontist etc. and means when your child grows up and leaves home, they will have everything they need to know about their health history at their fingertips.  There’s also a chapter for you to write love letters to your child on each birthday from birth until 18 years of age so it’s not only a practical book but it also holds many loving moments in it too.


On The Grace Files website, you will also find a small shop of beautiful items you can purchase for a loved one who is going through a tough medical period who you feel needs spoiling or for a close family member or friend who is having a baby.

The Grace Files donates 10% of their profits towards a cause that touches their heart. This year, they have committed to donate to the Sarcoma Centre at the Chris O’Brien Life House in Sydney.

It was such a pleasure to meet Janelle and learn about her beautiful journals and I feel very blessed to now have my own set.  They are a special way to keep a record of my children’s life journeys. I have also started to write things in the Care + Notes journal, things I remember about dad and his cancer battle. 

There is no better therapy than writing and it is even better when you have a beautiful book to write in.  The perfect way to keep your memories safe forever.

Denai xx