Teenagers and Attitude.........

So this week my house has been in a bit of turmoil.

We have well and truly embarked on the teenage years with my eldest son Noah (13) and I must say it is not pleasant.

My cousin Meg who has older children once said to me “you wait until the teenage years hit” and she was right.  I thought the toddler years were bad (terrible 2’s) but that was nothing.  At least they still loved and adored me.

This week I have been called an idiot, embarrassing, controlling, told not to touch him when I go to kiss him good bye and the list goes on........

The silence is killing me. I can’t stand the one word answers and lack of interaction.

I look at him and think where has my beautiful boy gone!!!! The little man that loved and adored me - will he ever return?

He has become extremely frustrated with life and at times I just don’t think he knows how to control himself or his temper. The other day we had a screaming match in the kitchen and I sent him to his room. When I went up to say goodnight he apologised and said “mum I just don’t feel like me and I can’t control my temper”.

I did feel sorry for him and my heart hurt as I too remember how hard those teenage years were. But......at the same time I tried to explain to him that he can’t take it out on his family.

He is generally a good boy and for thirteen years has not given me any trouble. Suddenly I feel like I need to go to university and learn how to deal with a teenager!! 

I decided to sit Noah down and explained to him, I have never had a teenage boy before and I am learning just like him and to give me a chance. I also told him it was my job to give him rules and boundaries.  This is what parents do because we love you.

I remember growing up and always wanting to hang at the Café, "The Garden of Roses" like all of my friends but Mum and Dad would never let me.  At the time I never understood and thought they were so mean and unfair.  Now that I am a mother I totally understand and have set the same rules for Noah.

If he wants to meet up with his friends to see a movie or play a game of football at the park that is fine we will drop him and pick him up.  I will not allow him to wonder around the streets of Sydney or Westfield without a purpose which was what this week’s battle was over.

Give me strength this is just the beginning and I have two more to go!!

Denai xx