Surrogate Saturday

Cleaning has always been an obsession of mine

Even when I was a little girl my bedroom always had to be tidy.   Can you believe I actually find it relaxing and therapeutic!  I would take cleaning over cooking any day. Crazy I know but I love it.

Going away to boarding school was no different.  My room was always tidy to the point that I would know if someone had been in there to borrow something.  I was always styling my desk/ornaments back then as well, styling was my priority not homework!  I have always been visual and cannot relax if things are not aesthetically in their place.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than walking into a perfectly - what I call “perched”, puffed, clean home that has been scrubbed with cleaning products from head to toe – I just love it.  It puts a smile on my face.  My family have always given me a hard time and say Denai's house is not a “play house’ it is a ‘display house’.  This is not true I love my family and friends coming over, my house is always full of people however I do have a few little rules when it comes to the kids.


This brings me to 'Surrogate Saturday'  

When I was 20 I cleaned a lovely ladies house every Saturday for 3 years just to give Frankie and I a little extra spending money on the weekends.  

I would arrive at 7.30am every Saturday morning to be greeted with a beautiful breakfast before I would begin work.  My lovely client who I became very close to would listen to my week’s stories. She was a career woman high up in the financial industry and I really looked  up to her and admired her success in business and as a mother. Some weeks there were tears and others we would laugh and solve the world’s problems over croissants, sour dough bread, Hanks strawberry jam and of course cups of tea.

My client also had a gorgeous daughter only one year older than me who I also became very close to as we were very similar in many ways.  We too became very close and to this day are still extremely good friends.

Food, advice, love and money


And so.........that is how I became Surrogate Saturday to my client. I was her other daughter that would turn up every Saturday for food, advice, love and money.  We would have breakfast, she would give me amazing advice on life, and I would clean for 4 hours and then go home to my little 2 bedroom unit in Clovelly week in week out for 3 years.

She was one of those people that you meet in your life that you never forget and who I will always admire, look up to and love and be grateful to for the rest of my life.